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We believe in transparency and craftsmanship; we're not shy about our shop rate, $130/hour- JDM Imports $150 

Good information about the sounds, environment and history of your vehicle can substantially decrease your bill.

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As the person who interacts with your car the most, you are best positioned to tell us if the sound is a click,sputter,whine or chirp; did this start after some bargain gas? After your father-in-law checked the fluids? or does the noise only happen when you turn right at 15 mph?


A thorough intake process can help us pre-order parts that may be relevant to your repair, meaning you're back in the driver seat faster with less money spent on diagnosis.  

"jack of all trades, master of none"

What we don't do:

We don't typically perform any glassbody work or painting. In very limited circumstances (like, you're a relative) we can try and pop out a dent.


We don't currently mount tires or perform alignments, but we do work closely with Industrial Tire and can often have the work done for you while your vehicle is in for other services (eg brakes).

We love hippies, but hybrid batteries not so much. While we can't service hybrid batteries, we service every other aspect of many hybrid vehicles and would love to help you out. 

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