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Quotes are rough estimates only and actual costs vary depending on factors such as the condition of your vehicle (maintenance queen or DIY survivor?) and extent of damage/wear/rust etc.  Quotes are made between 2-4 pm daily in the order they are received. This enables us to focus on the customers whose vehicles we are currently servicing and ensure that once your vehicle is in our hands, it receives our full attention and a quick turn around. 

Parts: We use high quality parts and offer holistic repair and maintenance- this means we won't replace an entire system if its not necessary, but some repairs offer substantial long term value to bundle. Our customers know they can rely on us to look out for their long-term interests. You can provide your own parts but this eliminates our ability to offer you a warranty.

Warranty: When new parts are used, we offer industry leading warranty

You must provide a license plate number because this decodes several critical elements of your vehicle that hugely impact the cost of parts and labor.  We are not the DMV, so your number provides no personal information.  Alternately, you can provide your FULL VIN (vehicle identification number).  This can be found in a few locations.  One sure bet is on your insurance or registration card.  Many vehicles have this on the dash or on the driver door area...  This allows us to provide you more accurate figures. 

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