The Crew

Hannah: Hailing from the frozen land of Alaska, Hannah is a retired tech who can lift her body weight in transmissions. Most recently a service adviser for a Mercedes dealership Hannah considers a G-Wagon to be her spirit animal. 

Harriet: Over 14 years as a bike mechanic at the renown City Bikes, if Harri doesn't know you, she knows half the people you know. In her spare time, she enjoys solving mysteries with her best friends Janie and Sport

Hal: Our least popular employee, Hal is the automated system we use to ensure that once your vehicle is in our hands, it receives our full attention. Hal can transcribe your request for a quote or appointment so that Harri and Hannah have your profile on hand when we call you back. Appointments are scheduled between 11-1 daily in the order requests are received. Quotes are delivered between 2-4 pm daily, in the order they are received. 

Ed: "Edspert" has been a senior tech with Dean's since 2015 and is a whiz with Delica's and Mitsubishi. In his off time, Ed enjoys philosophy, good beer and beating the crap out of his opponents on the kickball field. 


Jonas: Colorado native and subaru geek Jonas has a deep appreciation for where a good set of tires and a beastly motor can take you.

Jujar: Originally our intern from the amazing Summer Works program, Jujar is the closest we've come to meeting the actual Buddha. Focused, composed and cheerful Jujar is our shop spirit animal. 

Dean: Dean grew up dismantling his parents' appliances and dodging homework. Brilliant and hyperactive, he is married to the author of this website, Marie. His current collection of personal vehicles exceeds the county limit, but rest assured- they all run. 

Marie: Marie graduated with a degree in economics from Reed College in 2013 and enjoys spreadsheets, burning the holiday cookies and making agendas.


Uma: Universally acknowledged Shop Queen, Uma is our old-fashion German Shepherd. When she's not busy napping, she will try to bamboozle you for a treat. Her arsenal of tricks include Sit, Shake, Down, Roll Over, Wax on and Wax Off. 

Monday-Friday; 9am-5pm
Closed daily for lunch 12:30-1
1506 NE Lombard St
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